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Nintendogs Labrador Retriever & Friends (Nintendo DS)

Released: 07/10/2005   |   RRP: £24.41   |  Save:  -4%

Best Price: £25.99
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Nintendogs Labrador Retriever & Friends (Nintendo DS)

Release Date: 07/10/2005
Paltform: Nintendo DS
Developer: Nintendo

In a nutshell: The ultimate evolution of virtual pet: Nintendogs gives you opportunity to preen and look after a selection of cute puppies in a virtual home, with virtual currency, where you can buy toys and accessories for their enjoyment. You can clean the pups, feed them, walk them, play catch with them, and even talk to them. The lowdown:Nintendogs is brimming with character. Each pup looks out from the DS touchscreen and paws longingly. You can respond to your virtual pet's need of attention by stroking the screen, using items such as balls and brushes with the aid of the stylus, and talking to your dogs through the DS's inbuilt microphone system. Impressive 3D graphics give lifelike animation to these canine wonders.Most exciting moment:After a few attempts to speak commands into the microphone, your puppy understands the meaning of "sit", barks approval, and sits down. It's good to talk.Since you ask:You can keep three pups in your home at any time. When left to their own devices, they'll play and play-fight together. And they call this 'puppy love'.The bottom line: A Nintendog is not just for Christmas. Jonti Davies

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