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Steam World Collection: Steam World Heist + Steam World Dig eShop Selects (Nintendo Wii U)

Released: 30/09/2016   |   RRP: £19.99   |  Save:  53%

Best Price: £9.34
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Steam World Collection: Steam World Heist + Steam World Dig eShop Selects (Nintendo Wii U)

Release Date: 30/09/2016
Paltform: Nintendo Wii U
Developer: Nintendo UK

The SteamWorld Collection will also be part of the Nintendo eShop Selects range, and represents the first time both SteamWorld Dig and SteamWorld Heist will be available in the same retail package. SteamWorld Dig sees the player take on the role of Rusty, a lone mining steambot, as he arrives at an old mining town in great need.By digging through the old earth, players can gain riches to unlock upgrades for exploring new areas, all the while getting closer to the ancient threat that lurks below.In SteamWorld Heist, you command a steam-driven pirate crew in a series of epic tactical shootouts.Its turn-based strategy with an action twist: you manually aim the guns of your robots, allowing for impressive skill shots and bullet-bouncing action.As Captain Piper you will board, loot and shoot your way through enemy spaceships. Overcome the challenges of the vast frontier by upgrading your recruits with unique abilities, weapons, and even stylish hats!The SteamWorld Collection will also include the SteamWorld Heist add-on content The Outsider, providing a new ally with a past shrouded in mystery, as well as new missions with brand new weapons, gear, and snazzy new headwear.

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