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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Console - White - 1TB

Released: 07/11/2017   |  


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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Console - White - 1TB

Release Date: 07/11/2017
Paltform: Playstation 4
Developer: Playstation

PlayStation 4 Pro the super-charged PS4 Take play to the next level with PS4 Pro: see every detail explode into life with 4K gaming and entertainment, experience faster, smoother frame rates and more powerful gaming performance, and enjoy richer, more vibrant colours with HDR technology. 4K gaming & entertainment Games and movies shine with amazing 4K clarity; graphics become sharper and more realistic, skin tones become warmer and more lifelike, while textures and environments burst into life like never before. High Dynamic Range With an HDR enabled TV, compatible PS4 games display an intensely vibrant range of colours, closer to the full spectrum that the human eye can see. Enhanced frame rates PS4 Pro targets faster frame rates for all PS4 games, while others may offer frame rates that are boosted and locked in place, so action becomes quicker, smoother and more explosive on both 4K and 1080p HD TVs. Enhanced games PS4 Pro games burst into life with intensely sharp graphics, stunningly vibrant colours, textures and environments, and smoother, more stable performance. Every PS4 game is playable on PS4 Pro at a minimum of 1080p, while others get a boost to enhance their graphics to incredible 4K. No matter what TV you play on, all PS4 games benefit from enhanced graphics and smoother, faster, more detailed action. The best in 4K entertainment Stream the biggest movies, hottest TV shows and latest videos in 4K resolution from Netflix, YouTube and a host of entertainment apps coming soon all with auto-upscaling for the sharpest picture possible. The biggest games are on PS4 From epic solo adventures to massive multiplayer matches, play the biggest PS4 games and third-party exclusives in unbelievable clarity on PS4 Pro. The power of PS4 ProWith double the GPU power of the standard PS4, every part of your games take on a new life.

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