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3DS Pokemon Crystal Packaged Download Code (Nintendo 3DS)

Released: 26/01/2018   |  


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3DS Pokemon Crystal Packaged Download Code (Nintendo 3DS)

Release Date: 26/01/2018
Paltform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Nintendo

PLEASE NOTE: Box contains a download code - no game card includedDelve into the mysterious world of Pokemon Crystal! Although this unique companion to Pokemon Gold and Silver shares many of the exciting adventures and challenges of its predecessors a host of new changes both big and small add up to a brand-new experience. Here are a few of the many new features you'll find in Pokemon Crystal. For the first time you can play as a boy or a girl aspiring to Pokemon mastery. Each comes with a distinctive Poke Pack and Poke Gear and even receives different phone calls. If you're an experienced player you'll be eager to strike out for the all-new Battle Tower near Olivine City. Here you can take on waves of Pokemon Trainers each with teams of Pokemon set at specific levels. You can win valuable items -- but first you'll have to prove your battling skill! Locations and frequencies of wild Pokemon have changed greatly from Gold and Silver.FeaturesBox includes a download code for th

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