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3DS Pokemon Crystal Packaged Download Code (Nintendo 3DS)

Released: 26/01/2018   |  


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3DS Pokemon Crystal Packaged Download Code (Nintendo 3DS)

Release Date: 26/01/2018
Paltform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Nintendo

Pokemon Crystal Includes: Download Code for Pokemon Crystal only Delve into the mysterious world of Pokemon Crystal! Although this unique companion to Pokemon Gold and Silver shares many of the exciting adventures and challenges of its predecessors, a host of new changes, both big and small, add up to a brand-new experience. Here are a few of the many new features you'll find in Pokemon Crystal. For the first time, you can play as a boy or a girl aspiring to Pokemon mastery. Each comes with a distinctive Poke Pack and Poke Gear and even receives different phone calls. If you're an experienced player, you'll be eager to strike out for the all-new Battle Tower near Olivine City. Here you can take on waves of Pokemon Trainers, each with teams of Pokemon set at specific levels. You can win valuable items -- but first you'll have to prove your battling skill! Locations and frequencies of wild Pokemon have changed greatly from Gold and Silver. Please Note: Size to download 130 Blocks Requires a UK Nintendo eShop account No game cartridge is included

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