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Halo 2

Released: 11/11/2004   |   RRP: £39.99   |  Save:  100%

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Halo 2

Release Date: 11/11/2004
Paltform: XBox
Developer: Microsoft

The original Halo was one of that rare breed of games that was so compelling it persuaded millions of people to go out and buy a new console just to play it. Without Halo the Xbox would probably have failed instantly, which gives this long awaited sequel an incredible amount to live up to. So far relatively little has been seen of the game but what has been revealed seems to surpass the original with startling ease. Widely regarded as the best first-person shoot-'em-up ever made for a home console, Halo 2 follows in its forebear's footsteps with a perfect blend of single and multiplayer action. The former offers far more variety than the first game as the battle is brought to Earth and the incredible advances in the game's AI, as well as just its graphics, become immediately obvious. There are now a lot more friendly troops to help you out and the evil Covenant invaders have become even more organised and intelligent. In the all-important multiplayer mode, the most significant change is that you can now play the game online on Xbox Live against anyone in the world. This is the feature fans have been clamouring for and it's supplemented by new gameplay features such as the ability to steal vehicles, man fixed gun emplacements and play as the bad guys. If you don't yet own an Xbox, Halo 2 is all the reason you need to change that.--David Jenkins

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