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Call of Duty (PC CD)

Released: 07/11/2003   |   RRP: £39.99   |  Save:  100%

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Call of Duty (PC CD)

Release Date: 07/11/2003
Paltform: PC
Developer: Activision

The latest PC first-person shooter to set itself among the horrors of World War II, Call of Duty spares little in its depiction of events. There are stray bullets, fallen comrades and some major gun battles, but also a top quality game. That's unsurprising, since Call of Duty was put together by a good chunk of the team behind the superb Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and they've pulled plenty more tricks from their sleeves this time around. There are some genuinely terrific levels, at times favouring the all-guns blazing approach, at times rewarding a more precise build up. Either way, it's a hefty yet immensely rewarding challenge. What's key though is how well it all plays--even more so if you take the game online. Too many major games aren't lasting long enough, yet with Call of Duty, there's a good chance you'll be playing it six months down the line. It's supremely addictive, with some of the finest gameplay of recent times sitting at its heart. With top-notch AI, strong graphics, significant single-player challenge and immersive play, "Call of Duty" raises the bar a good few notches. --Simon Brew

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