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Rome Anthology (PC DVD)

Released: 20/06/2008   |   RRP: £14.99   |  Save:  100%

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Rome Anthology (PC DVD)

Release Date: 20/06/2008
Paltform: PC
Developer: Avanquest Software

Including: Rome Total War; Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion; Rome Total War AlexanderRoma Total War:Storm clouds gather over Europe Asia and North Africa as mighty armies march forward in Rome: Total War. Command the greatest forces of the ancient world including the Roman Legions Carthage and Gaul; lay siege to civilisations using powerful war engines; and decimate your enemies using special units like ferocious war dogs armoured elephants or Scythed chariots. In Rome: Total War the most epic cinematic real-time 3D battles ever seen in a game come to life with awe-inspiring graphics. Vast armies are led by brilliant generals such as Hannibal leader of the Carthaginians and Julius Caesar Rome's greatest general and leader. The mightiest armies and the most brilliant commanders of ancient times clash in an epic war game only Total War can create.Rome Total War; Alexander:An all new campaign map extends the Rome: Total War experience further Eastward than ever before taking you into Macedonia and the Persian Empire. A host of new content includes four new factions and 60 all new units such as Alexander's Phalangists. Six new historical battles offer you the chance to experience Alexander's key clashes and aredesigned campaign game forces you to press ever onward or risk failing to match Alexander's ferocious pace of conquest. Rome Total War; Barbarian InvasionA shadow falls across the Roman world. It is 363 AD and the last Emperor of the unified Rome is dead. His successors now rule a divided Empire. Beyond the frontiers of the sundered Empire new enemies are lurking. The barbarians are at the gates in this official expansion pack for Rome: Total War!- A brand new campaign game.- 10 new playable factions - including the Huns Franks Saxons Goths and both Roman Empires!- 100+ new units with their own strengths weapons and abilities including Schiltrom and Shieldwall formations swimming and axe-throwing.- Barbarian Hordes - march your entire people in search of a new homeland. You were there for Rome's glory. Be there for Rome's fall

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